Our Solution Fuel Management

Fuel is one of the most enormous business overheads… FACT.
With ever-increasing pump prices and a dependency on vehicles to keep the business running, you’d be forgiven for thinking fuel costs are out of your control. True, we can’t do much to affect what we pay for fuel. However, we CAN influence how much fuel our fleets use, by making some subtle changes. Increasing scrutiny closer to home you can limit the impact. We offer some fuel management solutions to help save you money. We’ve also teamed up with leading fuel card provider, WEX Europe Services in order to negotiate a discounted price on Esso fuel for British Fleet Services Customers. Click here to apply for your Esso Fuel Card ™ today.

Vehicle maintenance, Driver behaviour, journey management, vehicle selection, and tyre care can all have a surprising impact on your fuel costs, and British Fleet Services gives you simple, current solutions to these factors, helping you control fuel consumption and keep your costs to an absolute minimum.

Tailored Benefits

We can Integrate the data from your Fuel card provider for a complete picture of fuel costs. By breaking this down further to the allocation of fuel. Compared to your driver and vehicle for exact costing and MPG breakdown. By using this breakdown we can show where problems may be occurring and offer solutions for example retraining.

These reports can also highlight if vehicles need a higher or more frequent service to meet the demands put on the vehicle.

Technology to help you screen driver behaviour and spot fuel-heavy driving habits.

Reliable identification of potential Fuel thefts.

Advice and tools to assist in reducing your HMRC liability on fuel expenditure.

Accurate CO2 reporting and advice with carbon footprint reduction.

More information

Fleet management software sits at the heart of our portfolio and provides a strong platform for a wide range of products spanning LCV, HGV, ancillary equipment, Fleet, driver and risk management.

Fleet management operators both large and small depend on this software, We can deliver a tailored package of solutions that enable you to confidently run safe, compliant and cost-effective fleets.

Whether you run a fleet of 5 or 5000, British Fleet Services can provide you with the very best in fleet management software. With a flexible range of supporting services to match your specific fleet requirements.