Fleet Management

At British Fleet Services we work closely with organisations of all sizes, industry and backgrounds, for over 40 years this has enabled us to develop a sound understanding and empathy for the range of issues facing today’s fleet operator.

We understand the factors that cause problems, and we are passionate about working with companies as they navigate the demands and complexities to assist with solid solutions.

Our expert knowledge at British Fleet Services is the result of true hands-on experience, and our combination of expertise, commitment to our customers and pioneering technology gives you total confidence that you’re in safe hands with British Fleet Services.

We Understand Your Challenges

At ‘BFS’ we understand the full range of complexities faced by today’s fleet operators. We are committed to helping companies manage these challenges.

Our software sits at the heart of our company and provides a robust platform for a wide range of products spanning from fleet management to vehicle and driver risk management.

Organisations both large and small depend on us to deliver a tailored package of solutions that enables them to confidently run safe, compliant and cost-effective fleets. By taking the time to fully understand exactly how you manage your fleet we can ensure that we can blend seamlessly into your business’s existing systems and processes.

Whether you run 5 or 5000 vehicles, we will provide you with the very best management software. Also, we can offer a flexible range of supporting services to match your specific fleet requirements.

The acclaimed Online Fleet Management System is a completely unique software solution that is straightforward and user-friendly, with numerous integration options that we can tailor to your specific needs.

Tailored Benefits

  1. At ‘BFS’ we offer – Online Fleet Software designed for total management of vehicles, drivers, machinery, plant including documentation and policy.
  2. At ‘BFS’ we believe in choice so offer a software package to suit your specific fleet and combination of vehicle types.
  3. ‘BFS’ have a robust software is easy to navigate and we can arrange training to get up and running in the minimum of time.
  4. We have numerous integration option that can include, Fuel card, telematics, accident data, leasing for total fleet transparency.
  5. ‘BFS’ can offer you market-leading solutions to fit your specific tracking and driver management needs.
  6. ‘BFS’ can offer you Intuitive fuel management tools to optimize cost control.