Data Integration

Checksheet Mobile App

At British Fleet Services we know how important time is so to streamline and simplify the vehicle inspection process, the Vehicle Check sheet Mobile App we have made it easy to schedule, carry out, confirm and follow-up all forms of inspection, from daily walk-around to formalised weekly/monthly safety checks, depending on the need of the company.

Regular, audited vehicle inspections are a fundamental element of any fleet management. Thanks to the technology now available to you through the App, so you can be confident that your inspection process is robust and compliant, with the minimal intervention and zero paperwork.


Taylored Benifits

  • We have eliminated the need of paper based check sheets and the associated manual recording filing processes
  • Missed inspections flagged up instantly by vehicle.
  • Automated Mileage collection for detailed onward management of schedules
  • Straightforward, automated scheduling of regular inspections by the driver’s Vehicle’s.
  • Drivers can instantly upload and send photographic proof of any damage and / or defects.
  • Tailored inspection routine for specialist equipment.
  • Accident report forms can be processed via the app.

Lisence checking

British Fleet Services electronic licence checking service confirms, quickly and securely, the validity of your driver’s’ licences so ensuring your company’s insurance is compliant.

The Road Traffic Act 1988, clearly states that as well as being an offence for an individual to drive without a valid licence.

It also Clearly states that it is an offence for a person (or organisation) to permit an individual to drive without a valid licence. As an employer, if you are allowing staff to drive on company business without checking their licences, you could be liable.


Taylored Benifits

  • Bans and Endorsements clearly indicated and described.
  • Prompt notification of results straight into the software.
  • Straight forward explanation of the licence categories
  • Recheck alerts with shorter intervals for drivers most at risk
  • Any Data issues including non declaration of medical conditions or address mismatch are highlighted.
  • Non UK Licence checker service is also available.