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Fleet Management

At British Fleet Services we work closely with organisations of all sizes, industry and backgrounds, for over 40 years this has enabled us to develop a sound understanding and empathy for the range of issues facing today’s fleet operator.

Services Contracts

Our customers are provided with a 24 Hour 365 dedicated service manned by our partner’s staff. We ensure that we respond immediately to our customers’ needs.

Fuel Management

With ever-increasing pump prices and a dependency on vehicles to keep the business running, you’d be forgiven for thinking fuel costs are out of your control.

Driving Management

Road traffic law and health and safety regulations cover driving at work, and the legislation is very clear: – As an employer, you have a duty of care to safeguard your drivers, the public and whoever may be affected by their activities.


Our fleet management software sits at the heart of our portfolio. We provide a strong platform, offering products spanning LCV, HGV, ancillary equipment, Fleet, driver and risk management.

vehicle tracking

Our Solution to vehicle tracking has been driven through many years of working with a cross-section of the most trusted and well-known telematics providers in the industry.

Data integration

we know how important time is so to streamline and simplify the vehicle inspection process, the Vehicle Check sheet Mobile App we have made it easy to schedule, carry out, confirm and follow-up all forms of inspection