Our Solution Driving Management

Driving is probably the most dangerous thing that you will ask your staff to do.

Road traffic law and health and safety regulations cover driving at work, and the legislation is very clear: – As an employer, you have a duty of care to safeguard your drivers, the public and whoever may be affected by their activities.


At British Fleet Services we know the challenges of achieving compliance.

We offer a range of services to help you assess, educate and achieve compliance. 

This, in turn, gives you as employers peace of mind that only comes when achieved.

 British Fleet Services Tailored Services Include

1.Online Driver Risk Assessments. A highly effective, proven risk reduction system for all fleets.

2. Assessments to cover Driver/Vehicle/ Journey risk, vehicle maintenance, driver comfort and driver behaviour.

3. E-Learning programmes tailored to the needs of your driver for ongoing behaviour management.

4. Topics that include safe driver techniques, AB/ ESP/ traction control, motorway driving, eco-driving and adverse weather conditions.

5. Allowing you to take a proactive stance in the management of your driver rather than reacting to incidents after it’s too late.

6. By Identifying and reacting to high risks when they are highlighted, ensures resolution of underlying problems quickly.

7. Implementing our Safe driver techniques go hand in hand with longer vehicle life, increased fuel economy and of course lower maintenance costs.

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We can Integrate the data from your Fuel card provider for a complete picture of fuel costs. By breaking this down further to the allocation of fuel. Compared to your driver and vehicle for exact costing and MPG breakdown. By using this breakdown we can show where problems may be occurring and offer solutions for example retraining.