Our Solution Compliance Control

British Fleet Services we are actively working with companies introducing our compliance control Software.

Our fleet management software sits at the heart of our portfolio. We provide a strong platform, offering products spanning

LCV, HGV, ancillary equipment, Fleet, driver and risk management.

Our fleet management operators both large and small depend on this software.

We can deliver a tailored package of solutions that enable you to confidently run safe, compliant and cost-effective fleets.

Whether you run a fleet of 5 or 5000, British Fleet Services can provide you with the very best in fleet management software,

plus a flexible range of supporting services to match your specific fleet requirements.

British Fleet Services Tailored Benefits

Our compliance dashboard is linked to DVLA.

Secure online based document storage.

Task driven traffic light system alerts.

Fault and declaration management with photographic evidence.

SWP- policy and training records management.

Multi-Site – compliance management.

Additional equipment maintenance programmes.

Incident and insurance linked accident management system.

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